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Al-Qalam Academy

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficial, the most Merciful

Al-Qalam academy is an important online religious institution where experts and trustworthy scholars implement an easy learning approach to impart education on broad range of religious topics – from the basic foundations to specialized subject areas.

Background of our establishment

Internet is a medium from which a human being can derive immense benefits as well as destroy oneself. Moreover, it's also true that this double-edged medium is being excessively used by baatil forces to deceive innocent minds. Therefore, there was a need to establish a sincere and trustworthy institution where under the supervision of senior scholars, expert teachers can quench the thirst of the seekers of knowledge.

Specialties & distinctions

1. Every lesson is delivered through a PPT.
2. Instructions are provided in easy language and using present-day examples.
3. Q&A session with students after every lesson.
4. Task (to complete) after every lesson .
5. Separate topics for men and women.
6. Female teachers for imparting Quranic lessons to women.
7. PDF for every lesson.
8. Recordings.
9. Certificate

Aims & Objectives

1. Education of people as per ahl-e-sunnat-wal-jamaat.
2. More and more people attain religious knowledge
3. In particular, young boys and girls become true Muslims and be guarded against new fitnas

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Mode of Education

We adopt any Live Streaming Platform where it is easy to communicate with students. Google Meet and Microsoft Team are our preferred applications as teachers can deliver live lessons using PPT and after that follow-up with Q&A section.


Course selection, course syllabus, assigning lessons, method of instruction, including everything from beginning to end, by the grace of Allah, are completed under the supervision of scholars and teachers from prominent institution of Islamic learning.

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